Okay, not really gromsblood. But it looks like it. The poinsettia, that is.

I decided not to wait for the super to get involve and Friday took note of the number on the parking space next to mine. Each apartment is assigned a certain number of parking spaces in the lot and those numbers are associated with specific apartments. (I’ve actually got two assigned to mine, which is pretty standard since most couples have two cars nowadays, though I only use one.) I explained the situation and asked at the management office which apartment the spaces next to mine belonged to — fortunately, it was not the upstairs neighbor, Demon-Auffenpinscher’s Daddy, but my neighbors down the hall, whom I’ve seen coming in from time to time with their little girl.

So when I got home last night, I went down and knocked on their door, apologized for yacking all over their car and offered to have it detailed at my expense. As it turns out, they were a bit more worried about the whole “was this person drinking and trying to slot their vehicle into our relatively small parking lot” thing than the proceeds of the same all over the side of their car, but they accepted both the apology and the offer. I explained that I hadn’t been drinking — in fact, that I don’t drink at all — but was getting nauseous from an oncoming migraine. As it turns out, both Mrs. and Dr. Montgomery worked at the University of Penn hospital — missus is a pediatric oncology nurse and doctor is a pediatric surgeon — and they invited me in for dinner once the conversation turned in that direction. I had to beg off, because I was meeting Rin shortly online, but the meeting was at least a cordial one.

This morning, Mrs. Montgomery came over with the receipt from the local car wash and a plant. A horribly, wonderfully weird-looking plant — a breed of poinsettia that looks, I kid you not, like gromsblood. You know, from World of Warcraft. It is awesome. And now my apartment actually has its first plant.

…..And an invitation to a Christmas party. Man, it’s almost Christmas.

I should probably start shopping.


~ by Dr. Nate Harada on December 10, 2011.

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