Yeah, yeah, I know…

…I suck at updating. Leave me alone, Rin, I just spent a long holiday weekend sending blood samples upstairs.

Anyway. Last week was kind of sodden, except for a couple days when it wasn’t so much sodden as holy fuck, there’s the humidity again followed by more rain, lower temperatures, and Labor Day weekend, the final summer ritual sacrifice of the fucking drunk driving idiots. Wow, that was a lot of fucks but that’s actually the way I feel: humidity is not my friend and neither is anyone who downs a six pack and then spreads themselves and others across the freeway in the form of a chunky paste. I’m pretty sure that we caught something of a break, though:  the weather was so craptacular that a lot of places canceled their fireworks, pretty much nobody was cooking out, and I’m sure some people who’d otherwise be statistics today stayed home for the duration. Not all of ’em, though.

And now it’s raining…Again? Still raining? The news says that this is what’s left of Tropical Storm Lee, to whom I must say: ffs, go back to Texas, half the state’s on fire and they need your clammy attentions way, way more than we do. Really. Shoo.

I am forcefully reminded that, were I back in Los Angeles right now, it’d be hot and sunny, the air quality would be putting people in the hospital, and we’d be about a month out from some dipstick dropping a cigarette at the wrong place and causing a massive firestorm of Biblical proportions.

I will now stop complaining about the rain.

In other news: I now have furniture. And, no, I didn’t get it all at IKEA. At least some of it came from Craigslist. Don’t look at me like that, Rin.


~ by Dr. Nate Harada on September 8, 2011.

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