So, yeah, earthquakes are a little bit of an old hat, I’ll admit it.

On the other hand? I’ve never actually been anywhere near a hurricane. Now, California’s got its weather…its Santa Ana winds…its fog…its rains…its mudslides…its annual cycle of stuff burning down…but the bigass Pacific cyclones you read about in the news that regularly drown large chunks of coastal southeast Asia and trigger typhoon parties in Japan pretty much never make it as far as the west coast of the US. And those are monstrously huge storms, a lot of them.

Irene, it seems, is pretty big. Our building superintendent/maintenance guy, who was just over here the other day with an architect and an engineer making sure the walls and foundation were still sound after the quake, came by again this morning to check the seals on the apartment windows — the windows in all the apartments are huge — and mentioned that I should probably go down to the grocery and stock up on water, nonperishable food that doesn’t require a lot (or any) real cooking, and batteries, because the building’s power was very likely to fail if the winds got bad. So I did, and bumped into a couple of my neighbors in the elevator, who joked about acquiring the ingrained need to go out and buy milk, bread, and eggs whenever they heard the word “snow,” and bumped into some old-timers down at the grocery, who were talking about Hurricane Agnes.

…So I got a 24-pack of bottled water, two loaves of bread, some of that weird stripey peanut butter and jelly in one jar stuff (purple and brown flavor), two new maglites (the flashlights I had disappeared somewhere along the drive from CA to PA), and batteries for the same. For the record? My sister thinks it’s hysterical that earthquakes seem to be stalking me and now major tropical storms are wandering along to introduce themselves, as well.


~ by Dr. Nate Harada on August 25, 2011.

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