Okay, so I decided to poke around…

Maybe this whole “writing about stuff” thing won’t be made entirely of suck and/or blow. I found this blog straight off the bat:


You couldn’t tell it by looking at me, but I’m actually partly Irish. Yeah, yeah, okay, everybody’s part Irish, even Obama. In my case, it’s all the fault of my Mom’s dad, Nathaniel Kerrigan, who passed when my mother was eight months pregnant with me, and for whom I was subsequently named.

Growing up in my grandmother’s house in Oregon, even though she was remarried by that time, he was still a very real presence in her life, in her home. I don’t think she’s ever actually fallen out of love with him, or really let him go in any meaningful way. The lacy doilies she uses on her tables at the holidays are the genuine, imported-from-the-homeland ones his mother gave them as a gift when they set up housekeeping. She’s got whole shelves of books to this day about Ireland — history books, picture books, Grandpa’s big book of Kerrigan family geneology. Grandpa was a second or third generation American, born in the East, rambled West as soon as he was old enough to run away from home and join the Army, but not before he’d had the love of all things Eire instilled in him by his parents and grandparents. Granny Hanako told me once that his greatest ambition, beside owning his business, had been making enough money to take a month touring Ireland. They’d been saving for that when he passed away.

I decided, pretty early in life, that I’d do that for him, since he couldn’t do it himself. Also that I’d take Granny Hanako with, even though she says gallavanting all over the place in the rain is a leisure time activity for young people. The town the family came from is called — surprise! — Ballykerrigan, and there’s even tour video up on YouTube now. We’d rent some distressed aristocrat’s ancient family home or a castle or something. We’d take Rin and she’d spend the entire time desperately searching for a Wi-Fi connection/dying slowly of World of Warcraft addiction. It’d be awesome.

One day.


~ by Dr. Nate Harada on August 19, 2011.

One Response to “Okay, so I decided to poke around…”

  1. Really liked your little story ! also can relate to it.

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