Is this thing on?

Okay, yeah. That was lame. I am officially Lamey McLamerson.

I should probably fill out my profile and spare anyone who stumbles over this the intense awkwardness of me flailing all over the place trying to talk about myself in public. Long story short: my kid sister, who better be freaking reading this since it was her idea, talked me into starting a blog so we could communicate long-distance without wracking up insane phone bills, causing every cell company in the northern hemisphere hate us and want us to die, or waking each other up at horrific hours of the day because we’ve forgotten which time zone  the other is in. (Rin is in Kitakyushu, I’m in Philadelphia, you do the math.) Have I mentioned that this was all her idea? Because it was. Completely.



~ by Dr. Nate Harada on August 18, 2011.

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